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5 Top Green SuperFoods for Successful Weight Loss

While the key to weight loss success lies in taking in less calories than burning for energy, nevertheless regular intake of some of nature’s most powerful foods can boost the calorie burn or assist in appetite control. This is particularly true with supplementing your diet with Green SuperFoods for weight loss as evident from numerous […]

Protein rich foods including eggs, spinach leaves and pumpkin seeds with a glass of pouring milk in the middle

7 Superfoods with High Protein Revealed

  If optimal health is your goal, there is no getting around your diet. Both your physical and mental health are a clear reflection of what you put into your body, and how you live your life in general. While pre-packaged processed foods might be a convenient option provided that little or no preparation is […]

spirulina benefits

Spirulina: 10 Health Benefits and Possible Side Effects

  Spirulina is an ancient blue-algae with high nutritional value and numerous health benefits. This algae grows naturally in alkaline water bodies in subtropical climates where there is ample sunlight. Although spirulina has been in existence for centuries, its popularity as a potent superfood has emerged in the last few decades. The algae has played […]

the best wheatgrass

Wheatgrass: 10 Proven Health Benefits

  The use of wheatgrass to promote health is widespread today. Wheatgrass has been categorized as a potent superfood. It is common for fresh wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass powder to be touted for its various positive benefits. Proponents claim that wheatgrass can detoxify the body, boost red blood cell production, inhibit cancer growth, reduce system acidity, […]

chlorella benefits

Chlorella: 10 Health Benefits and Possible Side Effects

  Chlorella has long been known as a superfood, due to its unique cellular structure, high chlorophyll content and the wide range of vitamins which it contains. Derived from two Latin terms meaning small and green (1), chlorella is a single celled algae with a variety of positive health benefits. Used as a food source […]